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At FishDish not only do we care about the welfare of our customers and their canine companions but we are passionate about protecting our environment which is why our packaging is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable. Packaging plays a vital role in the protection of our foods but unfortunately many of these functional packaging formats are not considerate of our environment. 

FishDish Packaging

Our packaging is fundamental to both our products integrity and longevity. FishDish are committed to doing our best to help protect our environment as well as our dog’s health which is why we tested a multitude of alternative packaging materials before finally agreeing to use our eco-friendly packaging.

Why this packaging?

  1. Reduced carbon foot print
  2. Fully recyclable 
  3. Maximises product shelf-life (24-months)


Our packaging was chosen with our customer in mind which is why our nutritiously delicious Crunchy Cod dog snacks are resealable to lock in the freshness once opened. Our products are presented in convenient 100g pack formats, ideal for pet parents to carry with them when out and about while keeping your canine nutritionally satisfied. 

What does Code 4 mean?

FishDish 100% eco-friendly recyclable pouches use a specialist material combining PE -EVOH (Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer) and PE (Polyethylene). Due to the same family of ethylene materials being used it allows for the products to be 100% recyclable and classified as a recycle code 4. The crucial aspect of this material is for the recycle code to be displayed thereby ensuring consumers and waste stream operators understand how to and where to dispose of the packaging as well as process it. 

Where and how do I dispose eco pouches?

On the whole our eco-friendly recyclable pouches can be discarded within recycle waste bins both commercially and domestically.